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Placing an order implies the express acceptance, unreservedly, by the purchaser, of all the clauses and conditions of these General Conditions of Sales (GCS).Should there be any contradictions between these GCS and the purchaser’s general terms of purchase, the provisions of our GCS shall prevail.

Except explicit agreement, our quotations are valid 30 days from date of inception.

Prices given in the catalogs and lists may change at any time, suffering variations depending on our suppliers’ prices. Prior placing an order, the buyer should ask for confirmation of prices.

The information and particulars given in the catalogs are purely indicative and not binding BELMAR, who reserves the right to make any change of layout, size or material to equipment included in our publications.

Goods travel at the risk of the recipient, even if free shipping. The recipient should check incoming shipments, and conditions of use, determining whether to appeal against the carriers.

Our prices are generally expressed in Euros, exclusive of taxes and ex works Brest – France, unless otherwise stated.
Delivery times run from the date of receipt of the order or the time all issues related to identification are finalized.
Delivery times are only indicative. They are respected as far as we can, but delays, whatever the cause can justify the part of the purchaser, the cancellation of an order or any penalty.
Orders received and accepted may not be completely or partially canceled without our written consent.

Returned goods are accepted only if we have previously allowed.
They must be sent free of all charges to our address in France.
BELMAR establish a credit note reserving the right to practice any allowance, depending on the age, condition of packing or the possibility of resumption of the manufacturer.

Article 3 - COMPLAINTS
Any claim must be sent within three (3) days of receipt of goods, within a maximum of three (3) months from the date of issue of invoice, failing which they will not be accepted. Carrier or forwarder must be notified of any damages on package, prior to acceptance of delivery.

Article 4 - DELIVERY
Goods are delivered to the recipient's own risk, even if free. The carrier is liable for damages and late delivery.

Article 5 - PAYMENT
        I.    Our invoices, issued on the day of shipment or provision, shall be payable unless any exception, to thirty (30) days end of month, through draft, check or bank transfer.
Discount for early payment: 1% per month.
II.   Any invoice unpaid at due date, in whole or in part, will result in interest charges on arrears. Penalties for delayed settlement: 1.3% per month.
III. In the case of recovery through litigation, unpaid amount will be increased by fifteen per cent (15%) as the debtor agrees to pay as a penalty clause.
IV. Reserve Property: The delivered goods remain the property of BELMAR until full payment of our invoice (French Law No. 80335 dated 12/05/1980).
V.  The buyer bears all risks that may cause the goods delivered until full payment of the price.
VI. Any cancellation or change in the conditions of an order from the customer will be effective upon written acceptance BELMAR. The customer must pay the damages caused by these changes.

Article 6 - WARRANTY
We apply the guarantee of our suppliers if any, with replacement of defective parts for the warranty period from the provision of equipment.

Article 7 - DISPUTES
For any claim or dispute in general whatsoever and whatever the subject, the French law is applicable and the commercial court of Brest (France) is solely responsible even in cases of appeal or multiple defendants.




Download General Conditions of Purchase : GCP BELMAR EN  

These conditions of purchase as well as the particular conditions expressed on the purchase order will rule any and all purchases. Unless accepted expressly and in writing by our company, the conditions of sale as provided for on the confirmation of purchase order, invoice or other documents emanating from the suppliers will be considered as null and void.
The supplier must acknowledge receipt of the order, and this, in all cases, prior to delivery and no later than within eight days of the order. Failure of which, the terms and conditions of the purchase order form are deemed to be accepted.
In case of export sales, INCOTERMS will apply in their latest version and other publications of the International Chamber of Commerce ("ICC").

All deliveries must be made free of all charges at the destination and be accompanied by a delivery note ("BL") prepared in two copies, bearing the mention of our order number, item number, references, descriptions and delivered quantities.
The delivery date mentioned on the purchase orders are to be respected.
Unless expressly indicated by us, the dates will be the dates of arrival of the good or materials in our premises.

Ownership of goods delivered to our Company is acquired during the actual delivery in our premises or any other place as required by BELMAR.
Any retention of property is void against our Company except with express written from BELMAR.
Risk transfer is subject to the agreed delivery. Unless agreement provided, risk, responsibility is transferred to BELMAR upon delivery of goods at the agreed delivery location.

Unless special conditions negotiated and specified on the order, delivery will be finalized when the supplier has provided all documents requested on order: In particular, compliance certificates, certificates of origin, test certificates, manuals and documentation ...

Article 5 - TRANSPORT
Unless otherwise mentioned, insurance will be provided by the supplier and/or the carrier company, according to listed Incoterm on our order. Related costs are at supplier’s expense.

In the event of non conformity of the goods or materials delivered to the specifications indicated in the purchase order, we reserve the right to reject the goods. Related costs of return are at supplier’s expense within three weeks. After this time, goods will be returned to the supplier, at the latter’s expense.

Article 7 - INVOICES
Invoices shall be received in two copies within 5 days of delivery, bearing the order number, item number and delivery notes number.
Payment of the invoices will be made following month for deliveries performed between the 25th and last day of the month.

Article 8 - PAYMENT
Payment is done at 45 days end of month of delivery, unless special agreement stipulated on the order.

We reserve the right to cancel the purchase order or part of the purchase order if delivery occur after the contract date.

The supplier guarantees the products sold for a period of one year after delivery to final user, according to the French Civil Code, supplemented as follows:
• The provider is responsible not only for latent defects, but also the defects, notwithstanding the receipt of goods.
• The provider agrees to indemnify our Company against any action that has its origin in the hidden defect or a supply delivered by him.
. In addition, the Supplier will be liable for any damages caused by the equipment or goods delivered under the provisions of Articles 1386 and following of the French Civil Code governing product liability. Any clause limiting in any manner whatsoever the extent of that liability will be void against BELMAR.

The supplier shall take all measures to prevent disclosure of information received from BELMAR.
Under no circumstances and in any form, orders may not result in direct or indirect advertising without our prior written permission.
Drawings, documents, samples and models plans, communicated to the supplier remain our exclusive property.
The supplier shall not, without express permission from us to sell or give to a third party, any goods manufactured to our specifications, data or using our tools.

Any breach of any terms of these General Conditions of Purchase may, at our discretion, result in cancellation of the order. This termination will occur the day of receipt of our registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, informing the supplier of the decision and its grounds. BELMAR will be entitled to ask for full restitution of any advance payment.

Contracts arising from orders are governed by French law.
In case of dispute, only the Court of our Head Office in Brest will be competent.